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HSP Bothy Sommerhouse

An old Scottish word meaning “simple communal structure” might not immediately spring to mind when contemplating this summerhouse; however our intention was to create a smaller structure with an elegant façade and roof style. We believe the Bothy fits the bill and somehow so too does the name!
Square in shape with a finial atop a slightly swept “cathedral” roof, the Bothy might be better thought of as a place for seclusion, perfect for one, cosy for two perhaps.
Features include a painted finish, glazed front with double opening doors, a small side “peephole” window and sheet lead roof.

Dimensions (Internal between panels)
2100mm (6ft 10”) x 2100mm (6ft 10”)

Ordering Options
1. Colour
2. Floor Style - Plywood (Fitted As Standard) or Hardwood (Optional Extra)

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