Orginal englisches Summerhouse inkl. Montage in ihrem Garten

HSP Tunstall Summerhouse

Demand for a corner summerhouse has led to the introduction of our Tunstall Summerhouse. Designed to sit snugly into a corner of the garden its five glazed panels (three of which open) provide excellent lighting, ventilating and viewing qualities. Its lead roof over a complex cathedral design of solid rafters ensures that its pleasing appearance is continued internally.
Brass fittings, arched tracery to each window and fluted posts are all hallmarks of our attention to detail that allow the Tunstall to take its place amongst our range of high quality structures.

Dimensions (mm) (Internal Between Panels) 3400x3400

Model Size
- 3400x3400
Floor Style - Plywood (Fitted As Standard) or Hardwood (Optional Extra)
Insulation - Optional (Yes or No)
Colour - From Range

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